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Service Area

We service central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.  Certain travel extensions are made for those that qualify.  We offer Real-Time, Live-Video appointments for all U.S. locations.

Patient/Client Services

YOUR HEALTH NOW LLC is a premier health organization that offers PRIVATE, IN-HOME nutritional education & counseling, modern chiropractic care, personal training, group training, and rehabilitation! We exist to offer the highest level of care, personalized service, & individualized attention available today.

On-site health care and corporate chiropractic
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Your Health Now Private in-home personal training

Why We Exist:

"Because Quality & Convenience Are What You Deserve"

Achieve Your Goals

Our PRIVATE, IN-HOME, IN-OFFICE services allow for the highest quality health care available today and remove the most common barriers to your achievement of a better lifeEnjoy the lack of commute, traffic, gas, inconvenience, hidden fees, and one-size-fits-all attentionWe are insured to offer our services anywhere.  So, if it is not your home, you tell us your most convenient location. 

Too good to be true?  Contact us for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and see for yourself that YOU can have a new beginning!

Offices, Centers, & Organizations

We are SMALL AND MID-SIZE BUSINESS GROUP HEALTH & WELLNESS SPECIALISTS at offices, centers, and other organizations so contact us for scheduling at your location... and set yourself apart from your competition. 

Transform Your Group Into The Healthy Elite 


You’ve made the decision to make your health a priority and change your life... we’re here to make that commitment with you. 

Disease Prevention, Health Correction, Body Rehabilitation, Life Optimization; Conveniently.