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*We understand that a complete expression of health potential is achieved through strategic attentiveness to ones own body and mind. This requires work, just like the optimization or upkeep of any piece of machinery with moving parts. Anything worth having and enjoying is worth working for so no matter what your goals are, it's never too late or too early to start with us. HEALTH IS NOT A RESULT, IT'S A PROCESS! 

*Discount packages according to Individualized Care Plans are available for our patients as well as the 'Refer a Friend' Program.  


Whether post-injury, post-operative, or a chronic diagnosis, rehabilitation of soft tissue in the body is critical for the return to original health, function, quality of life, and performance. This is a process which involves specific progressions of soft tissue treatment, biomechanical re-training, and ancillary therapeutics including exercise prescription. There are specific goals in regards to flexibility, stability, and strength. By taking time and focusing on structural form, we decrease or eliminate pain, and optimize function. The purpose is to get you back doing what you want, when you want, to the best of your ability, as soon as possible.

Modern Chiropractic

*HOW IT WORKS after contacting us, you will be sent (via email, fax, or mail) our confidential and comprehensive 'New Patient Intake Packet' for you to fill out and return to us.  After review of the completed Packet, your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION is scheduled which provides ample time for us to meet, review, discuss, and decide if we will be moving forward together.  If we are not, there are absolutely no strings attached!  If we are, we will begin discussing the best plans for you in meeting your individualized and specific goals, needs, and concerns. 

The nervous system runs the body; every cell, tissue, muscle, and system; all the time, for the entire life cycle. This system starts and is housed inside twenty-four movable bones and is the foundation of our body. Sometimes these bones and bones elsewhere can move out of place putting pressure on muscles and, most importantly, exerting pull and pressure on the nervous system underneath. This affects the function of the body. These misalignments and incorrect motion in our joints lead to wear, inflammation, impingement, degeneration, dysfunction, arthritis, among many others and, ultimately, progressively worsening pain. This limits our freedom and independence robbing us of enjoyment in our daily lives.  With no use of drugs or surgery, chiropractic deals with finding areas in the spine and body that are misaligned and/or are moving incorrectly. One of the reasons that chiropractic is so effective is because it doesn't treat the symptom(s), but the CAUSE of the problem. Pain, in fact, is the last thing to come and the first thing to leave. We offer modern chiropractic care with the most advanced tools available in the comfort of your very own home.