Small and Mid-Size Business Group Health & Wellness Specialists

1.  Initial Data Collection:  ​​

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)    

Comprehensive Health & Wellness Assessment (CHWA):    

  -Health Record & History; Personal Goal and Interest Identification; Health Age Determination 

  -Body Composition (height, weight, BMI, body fat, and multiple circumference measurements) 

  -Age, Functional Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion 

  -Biometrics (Lipid Profiles (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol), Blood Glucose, HbA1c, Blood Pressure)

  -Targeted Physical Exam:

​    --Pain Identification and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Evaluation, Neurological Evaluation, Orthopedic Testing

    --Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screening, Postural and Ergonomic Analysis, Overall Biomechanical Determination

    --Spinal Assessment, Extra-Spinal Articulation Assessment, Soft Tissue Evaluation, Stress Level Measurement/Evaluation   

Workstation Assessments 

2.  Report of Findings (ROF), Evaluation & Treatment Focus:  

-Complete ROF from Initial Data Collection to establish a baseline with multiple objective criteria 

-Mutual Goal-setting and Agreement, Personal Motivation Identification, Desire Development 

-Members are assigned YHN LLC treatment services according to need and consent for providing the individually- needed health and wellness protocol that a) addresses interests and chief complaints, b) serves best to prevent future chronic disease, c) manages or reverses existing chronic disease, and d) fully optimizes health.    

3.  Health and Wellness Healthcare Services:  

Onsite & Live-Video Nutrition:

​-Weight Loss Education; Weight Loss Counseling; Nutrition Education; Nutrition Counseling   

Onsite & Live-Video Fitness:  

-Personal Fitness Instruction; Group Fitness Instruction; Body Rehabilitation; Strengthening & Hardening; Clinical Static & Dynamic Stretching; Endurance & Performance; Balance, Coordination, & Stabilization Training  

Onsite Chiropractic:  

-Neck, Back, & Whole Body Care; Spinal Adjustment & Correction; Extra-Spinal Articulation Manipulation; Postural Modification & Training; Ergonomic Redevelopment; Soft Tissue Therapy, Treatment, & Rehabilitation; Lumbar Decompression Therapy; Cervical and Lumbar Traction

Onsite & Remote Stress Management Counseling  

Onsite & Remote Tobacco Cessation Counseling   

4.  Clinical Management, Monitoring, Encouragement  

-Individualized Treatment Protocols with Appropriate Provider(s)

-Onsite and Live-Video Health Counseling

-Sequential, On-Going Reassessments at Regular 90-day Intervals  

5.  Administrative Management  

-HIPPA-Compliant Infrastructure, Advanced Data Analytics, and Reporting  

-Incentive Tracking   

-Workshops, Lectures, Seminars

-Workplace Culture Wellness Promotion & Development

-Safety Inspections   

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