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*HOW IT WORKS:  after contacting us, you will be sent (via email, fax, or mail) our confidential and comprehensive 'New Client Intake Packet' for you to fill out and return to us.  After review of the completed Packet, your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION is scheduled which provides ample time for us to meet, review, discuss, and decide if we will be moving forward together.  If we are not, there are absolutely no strings attached!  If we are, we will begin discussing the best plans for you in meeting your individualized and specific goals, needs, and concerns. 

 *Even our CLASSES are personalized.  'Buddy Training' is tailored to the general health status, goals, and direction of the group.  The numbers in groups can range anywhere from 2 to 15 to more so tell your friends and co-workers and do something great together!  Also offered is the'Couples Special' for those individuals that would like to make their health a priority together with their spouse.  

 *Be sure to ask about our unique 'Lifestyle Nutritional Application Plan' that is highly personalized to each individual. 'Supermarket Tours' are available for our nutrition clients.  For certain nutritional and training services, Real-Time, Live-Video services (via Skype) are provided for those that qualify.    

*Discount packages according to Individualized Care Plans are available for our clients as well as the 'Refer a Friend' Program.  

Training Services 

An overall health-focused fitness evaluation and impression is rendered.  Highly personalized and dynamic exercise prescription is based off comprehensive screening and assessment that includes a history, testing for cardiorespiratory and muscular (strength & endurance) fitness, range of motion assessment, biomechanical evaluation, and goal-specific periodization principles.  Skill-related fitness (such as coordination, balance, or reaction time) is tested and trained where appropriate in accordance with athletic and functional goals.  Group training is enjoyed by couples, any number of friends and/or co-workers, and large groups. 

Nutrition Services 

"Diets" and "programs", popular in public media, have hurt and disappointed the millions upon millions of people who are looking to lose weight, learn to eat healthy, and better their lives.  You will never hear these terms with us.   Instead, the scientific principles of healthy eating are taught so that the individual is empowered and enabled to make a permanent lifestyle change.  BOTH healthy eating and weight loss education are provided.  Highly personalized nutritional prescription and dietary counseling are continuous and based off of a comprehensive screening and assessment which includes a history, questionnaire, and dynamic body composition analysis such as circumference measurements, waist-hip ratio targeting, and more.  We hold true, safe, and scientific nutritional education and counseling in the highest regard.