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"I'm in my 50's, overweight and have arthritis in my knees.  This is supposed to be some of the best times in my grown, first grandchild on the way, a lot to look forward to.  I realized that I wasn't going to do it on my own.  Chris did a thorough evaluation and set up a plan.  He asks, he listens, he educates, he pushes, and he cares.  He has stuck with me even after I reached my goals!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you"          --Kris B.   

"I could not believe how long my chiropractic appointment was the first time Dr. Marc came to the house!  The table and tools are extraordinary.  My body has never felt so good!!  This truly is an impressive company that offers exceptionally high quality health care services"          --Judie M.  


"After experiencing nutritional counseling and amazing workouts right in my own home, I couldn't believe all the years I had spent going to yucky gyms!!  Thank you!"          --Jen L. 

"My trainer is absolutely great!  He is firm with my prescribed program and it is clear that he is knowledgeable, motivational, and highly concerned with my personal success"          --Anna S. 


"My trainer and nutritionist really loves what he does and this has been evident throughout our time together.  Although it hasn't been easy, and I wasn't totally confident in myself, he has helped me reach heights I never thought possible"          --Jill A. 


"It was amazing how little I knew about how to eat healthy.  I really thought that I had a good understanding especially after quitting fast food and junk food!  Although I learned these were good steps in the right direction, Chris showed me how to make a real, lifestyle change that has helped me to feel better and look better than I ever have before"          --Bob G. 


"So much for fad diets, I've tried so many, and they've never worked for me or anyone else I know!  I was confused when the nutritionist told me we weren't going to be talking about such things!  Instead, I was taught how to eat healthy and apply these principles to my life and I am so grateful for everything I have learned"          --Melissa W. 


"I told Chris that I wanted to get strong.  He helped me to realize that I actually had other personal health goals as well and created a program that helped me address them all.  Today, I'm much stronger than I was before!"          --John E.  

"I reached my goal weight!  I know I couldn't have done it without you, thank you.  Thanks for keeping on me and teaching me the tools and techniques to make me possible!"          --Allison R.

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