Small and Mid-Size Business Group Health & Wellness Specialists

Your Health Now LLC

Our ardent objective is permanent, life-long change for entire organizations one person at a time.  We know what it means to care for each individual as a unique person with their own goals, struggles, hopes, and dreams. We identify, target, and manage the main drivers of health care costs by preventing, managing, or reversing the full spectrum of chronic health conditions.  The credentialed and licensed services we offer give our partners the most replete prevention and management team available today.  Our comprehensive health and wellness services are premium and industry-elite for small and mid-size business groups… there simply is no comparison.  Over time, chronic disease is reduced and better health is progressively achieved.   We expect workplace health and wellness ROI for our partners to double the current ROI rate which, although positive, is based on a generally superficial industry-level of service. 

Although unviable concepts are commonly accepted and utilized, there is no such thing as a ‘program’, ‘diet’, weight loss ‘accelerated solution’, nor ‘fitness in a month’ plan; these ideas have come from the public media, not science.  Notice that you will never see these false models used with us.  True health and wellness comes from healthcare.  All that we do and offer is scientific; grounded in a sound platform of solid research.  We exact a comprehensive, hands-on approach; our work is highly personalized and individualized to each employee.  We teach our members that success with their health and wellness is about life application change, only when this has been accomplished do we consider them and our work successful.   We work closely with each participating business group employer and employee from beginning to end. 

‘Population-based’ approaches are also commonplace.  The goal, motivation, and design are to sell a one-size-fits-all product (‘program’) for high volume uptake.  In stark contrast, we employ individualized interventions as fundamental operating procedure.   We are health care providers who have zero desire to be salespeople or to employ pretend virtual replacements.  We focus on quality of care, not ‘quantity’ of care; on the individual, not on meeting bulk.  This is why we specialize in small and mid-size business group wellness healthcare and are covered under three different insurances.  We don’t ‘coach’, we treat and counsel; we have credentials, not just certifications.  This is our profession.  

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We are happy to discuss how we save the insurance carrier and business group employer money while helping create a happier and healthier workforce.  All YHN LLC consultations are complimentary.